Background and Mission

Jill, one of the homeless dogs in a camp that we support

Delta Dogs is a non-profit, community supported organization that helps provide healthcare to the pets of people in need in the Mobile, Alabama area. Sadly, Mobile has an extremely high poverty level and a large homeless and transitional population, including many homeless camps in wooded areas. Nearly 20% of people in Mobile County live below the poverty line, despite our recent growth and new industries.

Through the outreach work at the Delta Bike Project, we became aware that many people live on the streets and in the woods, along with their beloved pets after losing their homes and job and are struggling to provide the basic care for them – food, flea and tick treatment, heartworm preventatives, basic medical support and tests for heartworms, skin, eye and ear infections, parasites, respiratory problems, etc. We provide on-site care with licensed Veterinarians, so our community in need can continue to love their pets and feel comfortable that their needs are met, too.